Overcoming Physical Injury When You Have A Mental Illness

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Anyone looking to be healthier in times of a physical or emotional crisis is one of the biggest mountains you can climb. Whenever you have a physical injury, it naturally saps on our positivity, and when you have a mental health condition, this is no different. How can we overcome a physical injury when we suffer from a mental health problem?

Understanding The Journey To Wellness

Anybody suffering from anxiety, depression, or any mental health problem has a fundamental grasp of the fact that it’s not something that can be solved overnight, or at all. And while every day is a challenge, by understanding your journey to getting better as something that has to be done one step at a time; this gives you the perspective in which to tackle the journey effectively.

Grab The Aspects You Can Control

If we’re not healing as fast as we think we should, we can get impatient. But this is a negative frame of mind that will hinder our development. However long it takes to get better, we still need to ensure that we have a positive environment where we can thrive. It can be very difficult to keep this positive attitude, but we have to remember that keeping productive, even by having rest, is all grist to the mill. Whatever little things we do that is positive will certainly improve our frame of mind. Of course, it depends on the nature of why you are injured in the first place. If you harbor anger and resentment, especially if there was an accident beyond your control, does getting redemption form part of your desire for a positive outcome? In which case, personal injury lawyers may provide some of the solutions. But it’s important not to pin all of your hopes on other people to get you through this in a positive sense. And when you suffer a mental health condition, you know that, at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to see you through this.

Keep Track Of The Improvements You’ve Made

There are going to be numerous moments when we feel that our progress is hindered. We can feel angry, or frustrated, and decide to slick back down into a depressive spiral. This is why we need to keep track of our journey. We can write in a journal, which is cathartic in its own right, and this gives us concrete information as to how far we’ve actually come. When we have a mental health condition, regardless of the severity, we can always feel tempted to give up. This is part of what a physical injury does to us; we are bedbound, and we feel useless. It’s at these moments where we need to remember that rest is another form of productivity, but we can also use this as an opportunity to improve ourselves in other ways. Every moment is an opportunity, and we don’t always remember this.

Whether it takes a couple of weeks or a couple of years, physical injury can be overcome, but we need to remember that it’s not just our bodies that hold the key, it’s our minds too.


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