Interview With A 4 Year Old

A while back I did an interview with my Nan, which you can find here. I was really interested to see the difference in her answers compared to mine, but also compared to someone a lot younger. I strongly believe that generations being involved and interested in the others is important. We shouldn’t forget that older generations know more than us, and sometimes, so do younger generations.

I asked my 4 year old cousin 10 questions which I was interested in knowing her answers to. She’s quite a live wire, and when I’ve spoken to her before she always makes me laugh with the stuff she comes out with. Her answers were hilarious, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

Sophia’s answers will be in pink, mummy’s response (who was asking her the questions I had written out) is in orange.

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?Sophia: “Ummm… Owlette!”

    (Owlette is a character from one of her favourite TV shows, PJ Masks.)

    Mummy: “Why?”
    Sophia: “Because she flies!”

  2. Do you believe in magic?Sophia: Nods.
    Mummy: “Yeah?”
    Sophia: “I want to be a fairy dog!”
    Mummy: Laughs. “Ok…”

    (I want to be a fairy dog, too.)

  3. What is Love?Sophia: “Hmm…Cute!”
    Mummy: “Love’s cute?”
    Sophia: Nods.

    (I wonder if she’ll think that when she grows up!)

  4. Who is your favourite person in the whole world?Sophia: “Marshall!”
    Mummy: “Our dog?! Not mummy?”
    Sophia: “All of the persons, and my doggy!”

    (I would’ve answered my dog as well, tbh.)

  5. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?Sophia: “Umm.. A dog that goes in the hot tub, a dog that goes to center parcs, and a dog that hangs on a roof!”
    Mummy: “So, that’s a bit more than 3 words…I’ll hold up 3 fingers. You say one word for each finger.”
    Sophia: “Marshall-Like, Cute, Lovely.”
  6. What makes you happy?Sophia: “Hm. Going to Paw Patrol!”

    (Paw Patrol is another TV show.)

    Mummy: “Like, when we went to the Paw Patrol show?”
    Sophia: Nods.

    (Ah, to be young again!)

  7. What makes you sad?Sophia: “When granddad shouts at me…”
    Mummy: “Oh sweetheart!” Laughs.

    (I lol’d at this answer for a good 10 minutes.)

  8. What would you buy with a million pounds?Sophia: “Sweeties!”
    Mummy: “With a million pounds?!”
    Sophia: Nods.
    Mummy: “But think of all the cavities you’d get…”
    Sophia: “Just one sweet.”
    Mummy: “A really expensive sweetie?”
    Sophia: Nods.
  9. What does Mummy do for work?Sophia: Shakes her head.
    Mummy: “Can you think? What has mummy told you she does for work?”
    Sophia: “Buy presents with pennies?!”
    Mummy: “That’s why I go to work. Where do I go to work?”
    Sophia: “Don’t know… the gym?!”
    Mummy: “I don’t work at the gym?!”

    (If I got paid to go to the gym, I would actually go. I think she’s onto something.)

  10. Name 5 beautiful things in the world.Sophia: Marshall, Everest, Skye cup, cheeky leela, and me!

    (I presume these are mostly related to her TV show again, apart from cheeky leela, who is the elf on the shelf in their household at Christmas.)

    Mummy: “And you?”
    Sophia: Nods.

So there you have it. An insight into the world of a 4 year old. The answers definitely made me laugh, and it was nice to hear her say that she’s beautiful. I love speaking to people who are much younger, and also a lot older. The answers to the questions are bound to be interesting regardless. Even if most of them are about a TV show!

Chaz x


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