99 Things I Love



I love writing lists. There, I said it. I have an obsession, actually. I will literally write a list about anything that could possibly be listed. I’m not ashamed of it either. So here’s a list for you:

99 Things I Love

  1. Animals of all kinds
  2. Beautiful landscapes
  3. The ocean
  4. Babies laughing
  5. The sound of rain on a tent
  6. Birds chirping in the morning
  7. Sentimental gifts
  8. Heartfelt compliments
  9. Feeling the sun on my face
  10. Flowers
  11. Super gooey chocolate brownies (Vegan, of course)
  12. Printed out photographs
  13. Giving back to a loved one
  14. Meeting people who are exactly like me
  15. Laughing with my best friend
  16. Being understood
  17. Being thanked and appreciated
  18. Painting objects to make them my own
  19. Doodling little plants
  20. Journalling and/or crafts
  21. Cuddling my dog
  22. Anything to do with my dog, actually
  23. Meeting new animals on the street
  24. A heartwarming story of accomplishment
  25. Seeing my dreams come to life
  26. Hugging my boyfriend after a very long time
  27. Smoothies!
  28. Finding that perfect song
  29. Having a candlelit bath
  30. Pampering myself
  31. The spa/massages
  32. Feeling as if I made someone happy
  33. Getting a new tattoo
  34. Iced Coffee
  35. Seeing my loved ones succeed
  36. Airplane rides
  37. Hot holidays
  38. Going to the beach
  39. BBQ’s
  40. Bonfires
  41. The smell of a bonfire, in particular
  42. Hearing someone talk about something they’re passionate about
  43. Freshly baked bread
  44. Feeling confident in my own skin
  45. Marvel Movies
  46. Waterfalls
  47. Discovering new places
  48. Being different
  49. Candles, crackling ones especially
  50. Good skin!! Yay!
  51. Having enough money for things
  52. Laying on the grass and seeing the moon and stars
  53. Fluffy pyjamas and slippers
  54. Crime TV shows
  55. Documentaries
  56. Someone telling me super good news
  57. Gift giving (I’m the gift giving queen)
  58. Finding a really funny birthday card for someone
  59. Rain after it’s been really hot for a while
  60. Shopping
  61. Naps, not the ones that make you feel worse though
  62. Standing up for myself
  63. Writing a blog post and the post getting appreciated by the community
  64. Seeing an old friend
  65. Skyping my boyfriend
  66. My family, especially my dad (hi dad)
  67. The promise ring my boyfriend gave me – it’s so sparkly
  68. Trees – especially super green ones
  69. Cherry blossom on the pavement or on the grass
  70. When the sunlight shines in rays through the trees
  71. A really soft pillow
  72. Smiling
  73. A REAL laugh
  74. A day where I have nothing to do
  75. The beginning of a new chapter in life
  76. When things go to plan
  77. Rainbows
  78. Planning a holiday and/or trip
  79. My laptop – I need it and it needs me, we have a good relationship
  80. The Body Shop, the smell when you walk in that store…omg.
  81. Writing letters
  82. Mountain landscapes in real life
  83. Taking off my makeup after a really long day of wearing it
  84. A message from someone checking up on me
  85. Painting my nails and making them look pretty
  86. Reflecting on life and my goals and dreams
  87. Tears of joy (on myself or others)
  88. Tiny cottages with lots of plants outside
  89. Plants in general
  90. Bad things happening to bad people (Yes I’m evil, okay?)
  91. A super fluffy rabbit
  92. My bullet journal
  93. A super soft rug on my feet
  94. Surprises
  95. The smell of roses
  96. Forgiving people that I didn’t think I could forgive
  97. Being a mature person
  98. Loud thunderstorms
  99. Writing lists!

I’m not kidding, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I think I need to practice gratitude more often. Writing lists like this really helps clear out the mind, and make you realise how many positive things you have in life. I often forget about these things as soon as something goes wrong in my life. It’s very easy to fall back into the hole of negativity, but not so easy to pull yourself out of it.

Chaz x


Hi! I'm Chaz. I'm the Founder of The Green Button Project, I run my own mental health blog, and I'm also a mental health volunteer with Time to Change and 7Cupsoftea.com. I also love dogs.

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