The Green Button Project

“Nobody has ever become poor by giving.”

Why are you called The Green Button Project?

We’re called this because green is often recognised as a colour of awareness for mental health issues, and buttons hold everything together. (The founder, Chaz, also does button art… but that’s unrelated!)

What is The Green Button Project?

  • We are working with influencers of any kind to create a website which is educative and informative with information on lesser spoken about mental illnesses to raise awareness for them.
  • We’re using the website to invite post submissions from people who have suffered from a less spoken about or more stigmatised mental illness. These can be posts about personal experiences, or educative writing using research.
  • During Mental Health Week (14th – 20th May) we will be posting 2 of our themed posts each day. The themes for each day of MH week can be found on our submissions page. You can write a post for any theme day you like, and your post may be chosen to be blasted across the internet!
  • We will also be fundraising for a charity of our choice in the future.

Why should I get involved? 

Did you know that:
– 4 million people have Borderline Personality Disorder in the USA alone?
– 70% Of those with BPD will attempt suicide at least once in their life.
– 71% of carers for people with mental illness have a mental or physical illness themselves.
– 75% of hospital admissions for personality disorders are for BPD/EUPD patients.
– 30 million Americans meet the criteria for one of the 9 personality disorders.

Keeping all this in mind, could you name all 9 personality disorders? Could you name symptoms of schizophrenia, psychosis, any of the personality disorders? Would you know what to do if a family member or friend had any of these things?

Society focuses on anxiety and depression, which is great, but people need to know about the other mental illnesses too – as they end up not being spoken about or heard of.

Please consider submitting an educative or personal experience post to our website – head to our website for more details!