Bucket List

  1. Go to my brothers wedding
  2. Have my brother and my dad give me away at my wedding
  3. Pay my parents back
  4. Spend a weekend away with my nan
  5. Meet all my friends from other countries 
  6. Be self harm free for a year 
  7. Be self harm free for half a year 
  8. Go to London for my 18th
  9. Go to New york
  10. Go to Paris
  11. Go to Pompeii
  12. Finish college with a Level 2 Floristry degree
  13. Volunteer in Africa
  14. Go camping with a bunch of friends 
  15. See my brother graduate School
  16. See Lottie at her Prom/Help her with her dress.
  17. See Lottie graduate School
  18. Go in a hot air balloon with my dad
  19. Love myself
  20. Finish writing my book
  21. Rescue a puppy
  22. Be a maid of honour
  23. See Sophie get married
  24. See Lottie get married
  25. Be genuinely happy
  26. Be Self harm free for 5 years
  27. Turn fully Vegetarian 
  28. Decorate my room how I want it using my own money.
  29. Travel around Europe
  30. Go to the Grand Canyon
  31. Go to the Tate Modern Museum
  32. Own a cottage
  33. Get a tattoo on my wrist 
  34. Get some sort of piercing.
  35. Visit a spa
  36. Get into college
  37. Get my braces off
  38. Learn to drive properly
  39. See Jaz get married
  40. Go hiking
  41. Be able to go on trains and planes alone
  42. Travel around the world
  43. Go to a fortune teller
  44. Have 10 tattoo’s.
  45. Fly first class
  46. See the Northern lights
  47. Go camping with someone I love
  48. Take a shower in a waterfall
  49. Give my best friend the best 18th Birthday ever
  50. Surprise my little brother
  51. Take part in a Zombie Apocalypse Experience
  52. Meet Brian Cox (3 times and counting)
  53. Be able to travel alone on general public transport (Buses, cars, taxis)
  54. Learn a new language fluently
  55. Do a colour run
  56. Go ghost hunting
  57. Release the past
  58. Have a happy and fulfilling career
  59. Go on a road trip with Lottie
  60. Be in a long term, healthy relationship.
  61. Learn a new skill