Feeling Tired? Regain your Energy!

The great thing about nature is that it gives us energy. Sunlight, greenery, the sound of birds – all of this is, sadly, missing during the winter season and our mood takes a big hit because of it. Every morning becomes a bit more difficult, each day seems a bit longer, and all we want to do is to crawl back to bed and hibernate through the dark months.

Some people, though, are actually jogging through those snowy and dark streets at 6 AM. Whether they’re actually human or not is a different story but it certainly seems like they have a lot more energy than the rest of us – and that, at least, is something to envy them.

Here is a handful of tips to make your days slightly brighter when everything is dark, grey, and gloomy outside. That way, you might be able to make it through another short month before spring is here without spending most of the hours in bed.

First: Bring some greenery indoors

Plants are not only pretty to look at; they will clean up your indoor air and even give you a much-needed boost of energy when there are only evergreens to be seen outside. Try to find the kind of plants that thrive in little sunlight, for example, or just place them right by your window to be sure. That way, you won’t have to watch them fade away during the winter months.

When summer comes, you can always put them outside and watch them bloom properly.

Keep in mind that paintings and pictures of nature, in general, can have a mood-lifting effect as well. Start by checking out David Howell landscape paintings, for example, and you’ll be able to give your space as well as your mood a huge lift.

Next: Invest in a sun lamp

Those who decide to invest in one of those sun lamps with an alarm clock will never look back again. It may seem like a silly investment, initially, but you’ll be able to wake up in a much more natural way which again gives you the energy you need.

It might not be enough to get you out into the cold for a brisk jog before work but it should definitely make it a lot easier to crawl out of bed at the thought of coffee. You can have a look at these lamps, the begin with, and consider whether you need one that provides cheerful bird chirps as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to get out into the light a few times during the day. It doesn’t really matter if it’s cloudy or not either; your brain craves light and you can get this by having a short walk every day. Go outside to grab lunch, for example, and try to enjoy the short day while you still have it.

Drink a moderate amount of coffee, get some exercise a couple of times a week, and remember to spend time together with your favourite people. They’ll give you the energy you need to push through – and before you know it, the sun is back for a good couple of months.


Hi! I'm Chaz. I'm the Founder of The Green Button Project, I run my own mental health blog, and I'm also a mental health volunteer with Time to Change and 7Cupsoftea.com. I also love dogs.

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