Wedding Ring Trends and Engraving Idea’s

There is no denying that the purchase of a wedding ring is an important one. This ring holds more symbolisation than any other piece of jewellery you will ever buy. You are going to wear it for the rest of your life. It is something that represents the most beautiful bond in the world; that of a husband and wife. Therefore, this article is here to give you a helping hand by providing some great tips regarding the latest trends in wedding rings, as well as some excellent engraving ideas as well.

What are the latest wedding ring trends?

• Traditional trends – It seems we are reverting back to our traditional ways for 2019. You can check out this wedding planning guide for traditional inspiration. What is a traditional wedding ring? This is simply a plain band. Thus, the only decisions you need to make are what metal to go for and how thick you want the band to be. You may think a traditional band seems a dull route to go down. However, you need to bear in mind the fact that your ring will be teamed with your engagement band, and therefore they need to complement one and other. A traditional wedding ring ensures that this is the case.

• Matching bands – The trend for buying his and hers rings has well and truly come back in fashion. After all, a wedding is all about the love shared between two people, so why shouldn’t you purchase a matching set? It is a lovely sentiment.

• Bespoke wedding rings – Custom made wedding bands are booming in popularity. People love this option because it means they will be the only person in the world with that ring. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to incorporate something personal in the ring’s design. When you take this into account it is not difficult to see why bespoke wedding rings are the best option to go for.

• Pave diamond rings – Pave settings with diamonds all the way round have become popular as of late. Not only does this type of ring look stunning, but also the symbolisation is one of the main reasons it is well loved. The never-ending stream of diamonds represents the eternal nature of your relationship with your partner.

What are some engraving ideas for your wedding ring?

• ‘Always’

• The date of your wedding

• ‘You have my heart’

• ‘Amor vincit om’ (Latin for ‘love conquers all things’)

• ‘A deal’s a deal’

• ‘One life one love’

• ‘Love, honour and cherish’

• ‘Today – tomorrow – forever’

• ‘Nonrefundable’

• ‘Vous et nul autre’ (French for ‘you and no other’)

• ‘Deax corps ung cuer’ (French for ‘two bodies, one heart’)

• ‘With you always’

• ‘Dues nos lunxit’ (Latin for ‘God joined us’)

• ‘Never to part’


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