Working Out Is Boring? Maybe it’s not…

For some people, working out can really be a struggle. They might be lacking in motivation or just find a traditional gym workout uninspiring and boring. But if you or they are going to make your exercise routine stick, then you need to find something that works for you. When you enjoy what you do, it makes it much easier to do it, and much easier to stick to it. So if you find it quite dull when you are working out, it is because you haven’t found the thing that is right for you yet. So with that in mind, here are some different suggestions for working out that can give you a great workout, as well as boost that fun factor. Have you tried any of them before?


Aerial Yoga

If traditional yoga on mats doesn’t really appeal, then a fun exercise to try is aerial yoga. It is a really fun way to exercise because it is really unlike anything else that you will have done. It is also a good way to feel good as you can do some pretty unique moves even as a beginner, making you feel like you have really accomplished something great. There are more and more studios cropping up so it shouldn’t be too tricky to find somewhere to practice.

Rock Climbing

Whether you are out on the mountains or on a climbing wall, rock climbing is something that is really fun but is a fantastic way to exercise as well. You use your whole body, particularly strengthening your upper body and legs. It can be a good exercise for improved mental health too, as you really have to focus on the climbing and nothing else at all, allowing you to switch off from everything else that is going on in your life and focus; relieving stress.


There are lots of exercise classes that incorporate dancing (think of Zumba, for example). But there are so many different styles of dance that you are bound to find one that you enjoy. And as you are constantly on the move with dance, it can be a fantastic workout. You could try to find a dance studio like Arthur Murray in your local area, where a few different classes are offered. Then you can try a few different styles, from salsa to ballroom and everything in between.

Snow Sports

Ok, so this one is totally seasonal, and does depend on where you live. But if you are close enough to some slopes but haven’t been making the most of them, then now is the time to do so. Skiing and snowboarding are great endurance sports and they are offer great resistance training too. In fact, research has shown that skiing has the same physiological impact as cycling or rowing, so it is a good all-rounder. Maybe your next vacation could be a skiing trip to try it out and see if you like it. It can be costly, but so can gym memberships.


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