4 Ways To Turn Your Side Hobby Into Income

Managing your money is always a struggle and often that’s just because your living costs are high and you’re not earning enough. That’s why it’s always a good idea to find ways of earning a bit of extra money in your free time. There are countless ways that you can do this but you’ve got to be careful about your work life balance. If you’re working all day then coming home and getting straight to work on a side job of some kind, you’re going to burn yourself out. You need some time to spend for yourself doing things you enjoy. But what if you could do both at the same time? There are some simple ways that you can turn your hobbies into a source of income and earn the extra cash you need while you’re doing something that you love.


Start A Blog

Follow in my footsteps! Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn a bit of extra side income because anybody can start one easily, but more importantly, you can write a blog about whatever you like. If you’ve got a hobby, whatever it might be, why not start a blog about it? It’ll take a while to build up a strong readership before you really discover the value of blogging and start making some good money but it doesn’t matter because you’ll have fun in the meantime. If you love baking, all you have to do is take some videos when you’re baking and share the recipes on your blog. If you’re a keen artist, post articles about how to draw and paint and share pictures of your work. The beauty of writing a blog about your hobby is you just have to do what you would have done anyway and then write about it afterwards.

Youtube Channels

If you run a successful Youtube channel with a big following, you can make a lot of money. Some of the most popular ones have earned millions and made themselves into big celebrities. You might not manage that but you can still make a decent amount of money on the side if you can get some subscribers. You can make a successful channel out of anything really. Tutorials is a popular one. If you’ve got a skill of some kind, you can get a lot of views from posting tutorials to teach others. Playing an instrument is a good one, makeup tutorials are popular as well. If you’re into DIY, posting tutorials on fixing things around the house can be a winner.

You can also sell yourself on a Youtube channel. Post video blogs of whatever it is that you’re doing in your free time. A lot of the most successful YouTubers are simply personalities that document their lives online. If you’ve got a pet, consider making a channel for them as well. People always love to watch animal videos and there are some pets out there that are worth a lot of money.


You can also combine your Youtube channel with a blog and add an extra source of income.

Sell Handmade Products


glass jar gift food produce natural christmas lighting homemade ribbon jam cranberry canning


If you’re interested in crafts or cooking, you’ve got a great opportunity to start making a little extra money. If you enjoy making things in your spare time, why not consider selling them? Local markets are a great place to start, especially if you’re making food items. See if you can find one nearby and get a stall one weekend. You can also sell them online quite easily. eBay is fairly good and you’ll probably be able to make some sales but you might be better off using Etsy. It’s more geared toward handmade products and you can usually charge a little bit more than you can on eBay. If you’re selling online, the best way to market yourself is through social media and, again, you can start a blog. If you’re making products and posting articles and pictures of the process, you can build a readership who will then be directed to your website to buy your products.

Stock Photos

hand camera photography photographer slr lens blue close up reflex camera digital camera hands photograph image digital slr single lens reflex camera cameras optics mirrorless interchangeable lens camera camera operator


Anybody that loves photography should consider selling stock photos. If you’re already going to be taking the photos anyway, you might as well make some money from them. There are a lot of sites online where you can upload them for free and then ask for donations but if you want to make the big money, you need to go to the sites that will pay you per photo. As long as you’re taking professional photos, you can make quite a lot of extra money.


Earning extra money on the side doesn’t mean having to work 2 jobs. Just turn your hobby into an income stream instead.


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