Enjoying A Little Extra Money in University

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University is a busy time. You likely have your head wrapped in your studies as much as you are tearing up the dance floor of your local clubs. We’ve all been there, or at least know the progression of student life second hand. Timekeeping is the process you will struggle with throughout your time here, but if you’re lucky you’re sure to enjoy some personal success where that is concerned, and do well regardless of your fears.

Of course, one of the perennial difficulties of the student is a lack of money. Studying so hard and only realistically being able to support a part time job is often pressing on your finances, especially if you have little support from Student Finance. Sometimes, we all need a little extra cash in our back pocket.

Thankfully, this simple guide will suggest some simple efforts to potentially help you make a little extra, and show you resources for doing so. Consider this advice:


Gig Economy

While the gig economy has been criticized by many people in the professional workforce, it can be a godsend for a student to take part in, particularly because choosing your own hours is often a ridiculous convenience. You can’t do that working at a bar. You can’t do it working in retail. But with certain gig economy jobs, you can work as much or as little as you want. Of course, some choices are better than others. It might be that signing on with an agency and providing security at gigs or festivals near your university campus could be a great idea. Conversely, it might be that working through a format such as Uber or a food service such as Deliveroo could be a great idea, but make sure you understand their exact needs lest you fall into calculative exploitation depending on hours worked.

For some, the gig economy really works. You only need stop turning up your nose at it to try and find potential there. You might not find anything you wish to do, but sometimes, you might come across an opportunity too good to miss.


Freelancing is an important thing to consider. Let’s say you’re going to University for a Graphic Design course. Might it be that offering your talents online through a portfolio or gig posting website could help you begin to build a list of testimonials and earn some extra cash over the weekend? Designing the posters for a local band could be a much more fruitful weekend working effort than simply showing up for a shift at your local workplace. Of course, not everyone has a talent they can share through freelancing means, but if you do, it’s always best to see if this is an option while you look for work.

Content Creation

This point is in addition to the previous. Let’s say you have a creative talent, such as painting or drawing, and you’re going to university to develop that. Might it be that streaming your pet projects or university efforts on a website like Twitch or YouTube (both have blossoming sections for creatives) could help you build a community outside of Twitch, and give you earning opportunities that might rival working, or at least support your income doing something you would have been anyway? Learning how to manipulate programs like Open Broadcasting Studio can help you go live for free, and potentially earn a good amount of money in return.


Again, this won’t be a possibility for many people, but for those that can take advantage of it, they might find some real utility. Of course, streaming isn’t everything. You might decide to craft YouTube videos, or post your produced music on SoundCloud, or potentially develop even craftier ways of getting your work out there. Even maths students might post tutorials and personal lectures online to help those struggling with part of a course they have managed to master. Sometimes, your skills can generate money in ways that you know, and this might help with that.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a relatively simple process that sounds intimidating, but is used by students up and down the country. Matched betting is a system of splitting the difference between bets on gambling website, but in a way that guarantees income. It makes use of the introductory bonus offers calculated by two distinct websites betting against the same income. It’s perfectly legal, but might take a little to calculate by yourself. That’s why many services are on offer and are being used often, and has become one of the main methods of earning at home for students. Just be sure to use a competent matched betting guide to help you on your way.

Students know that they can earn money doing surveys online, but often this means typing overlong for little money, and with millions of accounts attributed to you on various websites. Matched betting is clean, quick, easy, and can potentially lend you some decent earnings.

Opportunities @ Uni

The opportunities you might consider at uni can be very worthwhile. Never turn up your nose at them. You never know when they might develop into something else. It might be that your film course offers you to shadow a movie set without pay, but acting as a traffic warden to prevent crowds from overrunning the set. This might not earn you much, but you never know how that might develop into a showrunner the next time you’re called, and so on and so forth. University is a wonderful network of potential connections, from your lecturer to potentially being asked by your peers to take part in something, to official jobs at the university. If you’ve involved in a sporting course, there are often hundreds of potential jobs for you to enjoy. This all means something profound, but only if you make it so. You’ll miss this after university, so be sure to treat this potential with the true gravity it deserves.


With these simple tips, we hope that enjoying a little extra money in university is more than possible for you and your goal setting. Remember, almost every student goes through this, but there’s no reason you can’t be one of the many success stories here.


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