Don’t Let A Good Thing Go To Waste

When you’ve got a good thing going on with someone, the last thing you should be doing is letting it go to waste. If you think back to when your grandparents were teenagers and young adults, relationships lasted so much longer. If people were to get divorced, it would shock the whole town as it just wasn’t heard of. But now, people are getting divorced, or weddings are being called off for the smallest of things. If you know you’re going through a bit of a rough patch with your partner, then we think we know how we can help you a little. You have to remember the love that once made you so strong, and the reasons why you have lasted so long! Don’t let a good thing go to waste, have a read of the pointers below, and see if we can help fix your relationship.

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When The Spark Is Gone

If you feel like the spark is gone, then we’re here to tell you that’s probably not at all. A relationship is bound to go through stages where you feel like minimal effort is being put in on both sides, and you just don’t have that strong connection you once used to have. Sex is one thing that seems to suffer in long term relationships and marriages in particular. Sometimes your partner can start to lose interest, or even have interests in areas that aren’t you. You could try sex counselling to see if it can help him overcome any problems he might have, or you could try and remedy it at home. Get away for a night in a hotel, both of you start making an effort with each other, and find a way to love yourself again. If sex life is suffering, it’s often due to the fact that both of you don’t even feel sexy any more! If you love your body, you’ll find it so easy to get that spark back. As well as this, you need to bring date nights back in for that communication spark. If all you do is sit on the sofa and watch TV, it’s going to be hard to communicate like you once used to all those dates ago!

When Arguments Are All You Know

If you’re going through that stage where all you seem to do is argue, then we know how stressed you must be. After a hard day, the last thing you want to come home to is a fight, but that’s all you seem to do! Our advice is to get some space between you. Just a couple of weeks apart to collect your thoughts, figure things out, and actually miss each other. If you’re always in each others hair, you’re always going to argue!


Other Life Issues Getting In The Way

If you have other issues getting in the way, then we know it can easily spill into the relationship. It could be troubles at work, financial issues, or family issues. Whatever it may be, use your partner as a way to get your thoughts and feelings out, and share the burden, rather than acting out because of it!


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