Can A Feeling Of ‘Something Greater’ Help Us?

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Why is it that many people find comfort in believing that there is something beyond life? The simple answer would be that knowing that after you pass away, they’ll still be something more is reassuring. But look beyond the basic fear of mortality and ask why we need to feel as if there is something higher than life itself? Maybe it’s because life can sometimes feel as if it’s out of control, and we adopt concepts that make us feel as if there is something more powerful than life. This gives us security and perhaps allows us to treat the adversity in life as something lesser than we once thought it was, in order to get over it. Spirituality has a large part to play in this kind of thinking. Millions and millions of people believe in spirituality but don’t know how to practice it or even understand the origins from which the concept comes from. There are so many forms of this nature, knowing where to start is a challenge in itself.

Going somewhere

Even if you don’t believe in an afterlife, many people do because it helps them to feel as if they are going somewhere. Life can be so broad and ambiguous at times, some people find comfort in knowing that they are working toward something. The reason why you might believe in an afterlife is because, you like to think that life and all it’s troubles and strife pale in comparison to the complexities of what lies beyond it. Say for example, you don’t have a job, you’re struggling to pay your bills and you feel as if your life is full of sorrow. People in this position like to believe in an afterlife because they want to believe that their suffering is for a reason and not just at random. It’s a way of staving off despair, having confidence in everything panning out and eventually making sense. That’s why people like to say that ‘God is testing you’.

An energy guidance

Not being a particularly religious person, where else can you hope to find some kind of spiritual guidance? Since the ancient times, there has been a culture of tarot reading done by those with a belief in psychic spirituality. In the modern day and age, psychic reading online is available for someone that wants to have their horoscope read and explained. Star signs are sometimes used as measurements of personality, how one may cope under pressure and what kind of fortunes and good luck may be in your path. You don’t have to believe in a deity to believe in some kind of energy force, that balances the universe and indirectly affects your life. Perhaps this faceless form of spirituality is more attractive because there are not set rules of prayer and following of religion. It’s more so a belief in an equilibrium, and that somehow the energy that makes up the universe will give you purpose in life.


A belief that you’re going somewhere in life, gives many people a reason to keep going when times get hard. There are many forms of this belief such as an afterlife and a hidden energy that gives balance and reason to things happening in your life.



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