2 Super Simple Self-Care Tips

It’s no secret that a bit more focus on yourself and what makes you feel good, can result in all those warm and happy feelings on the inside, and, who doesn’t enjoy those? However, it can be a challenge to keep up with the countless beauty gurus and celebrities, Instagram models, and the media, which can lead to you feeling less confident. Firstly, you’re already beautiful, so stop comparing yourself to those who have a glam squad following them around all day.


Next; it’s time to work out the little ways that you can give yourself a boost, and get that confidence back no matter what your budget or lifestyle may be. Therefore, you’ll need to get out your notebook and pen and start writing down some ideas for your next pamper session. If you have a busy life and juggle work, a social life, studying, and a variety of other things every day; it’s easy to fall into a routine and habits, and doing anything extra might seem like too much.


But, you can start with just five to ten minutes here and there regarding your self-care tricks and techniques, and you’ll soon benefit from the boost it gives you (it’ll also become part of your routine before you know it). The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to feel great, and gorgeous more often (even though you already are).


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Keep Smilin’

A great smile will light up your whole face, and you’ll get an instant boost whenever you do it; therefore, you should start smiling and laughing more often. Sometimes, it’s about watching Friends on Netflix, or hanging out with that one person that makes you silent laugh (you know, when your belly hurts). Looking after your teeth is another way to ensure that your smile makes you feel gorgeous and looked-after. Trips to dentists, like Dr. Alistair Graham are an essential part of keeping your smile and happy face, as healthy as possible, so make sure that it becomes part of your routine.

As your lips surround your teeth; you’ll want to keep them looking their best too. Therefore, it’s worth keeping them hydrated at all times so that you can avoid chapped or cracked lips, which never look great under a matte lipstick. Lip balms and moisturizers are affordable, and you can pick up a couple from your local drug store or supermarket so that you have one in your bag at all times, and one lying around the house. If you get into the habit of reapplying regularly; your balm or cream will keep your lips looking their best, and you’ll have a knock-out smile every day.


Pampered Skin

Baby-soft and youthful skin will always make you look and feel beautiful and nourished; therefore, much like your lips, it’s worth keeping it hydrated at all times. You can start by upping the amount of water your drink throughout the day; this is the best way to get a natural glow to your face and body. Taking your cosmetics off every evening will allow your skin to breathe and heal overnight so that you can wake up feeling fresh-faced.

There are an array of cleansers, including soap, on the market, so find one that suits your budget, and ensure you’re using it daily. It really is the simple and affordable things that can lead to natural beauty, so give yourself the boost you deserve and start changing your self-care habits today.



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