The Prettiest Parts of A Wedding

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Right now, weddings and brides seem to get a bad wrap. With everything printed in the media and gossiped about by your friends, even the thought of getting married can be so intimidating. With things like weddings are so expensive, getting married with bankrupt you, you’ll turn into a monster, and even bridezilla syndrome is real, going around, no wonder the whole idea of getting married can seem too intense. But when you really do want to get married, and having a great wedding is part of your life goals, then it’s time to embrace it. Forget everything that you’ve heard, and let go of the fears that you have. And let’s take a look at the pretty parts of a wedding that you can focus on to forget the stress.

The Invites

Up first, is the invitations. Now, you won’t always think about this as being something to get excited about. But choosing your wedding invites is one of the first things that you do, and it can really get the ball rolling. But at the same time, you’ll find that they’re super pretty too. You don’t have to pick out something boring. Instead, find the prettiest that you can. Get something lacey or sparkly or anything else that suits your style.

The Flowers

Something that can seem quite stressful, but that should really just be a lot of fun, is the flowers. Think about how you can really dress up your wedding day with such incredible flowers. And here, we’re not just talking about the wedding bouquet – because there’s just so much more that you can do on your wedding day with flowers. Think about the table, the church or the venue where the ceremony is taking place, and decorating the entire venue to create something truly special and pretty.

The Photography

Then, you have the photography. Okay, so maybe on the day, it won’t feel that pretty. Especially if you hate posing for photos! But, make sure that you spend a lot of time picking out the perfect photographer. When you see what kind of work they can do, and you love the style of photographs that they create, you’re going to absolutely love looking back at the memories from your day.

The Cake

One of the most exciting parts should always be the cake! There are so many beautiful wedding cake designs that you could go with. So you just need to make sure that you’re picking out something that you love, and that’s going to look and taste great on the day.

The Dress

And, of course, one of the – if not the – prettiest parts of the wedding is always going to be your dress. The dress that you choose is going to make you feel so great on the day, and something that you will always remember. So just enjoy picking this out. And don’t feel pressured to pick something that’s trendy or that others suggest to you. Just go for something that you really love and feel comfortable in.


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