Dear Earth

This post is the beginning of a new series on my blog, where I will be writing open letters to things, objects, people, and so on. Every week will be a new subject, and I will encourage others to write their letters too. Even if you keep the letters to yourself.

Dear Earth,

Thank you for being so forgiving of us, even though we realise now that you aren’t holding up too good. You are formidable and beautiful, with so many things to offer that we ignore. We have no mercy for the angelic things that you have created and we treat them badly for no reason.

You are the place we live, you give us life and have created a world in which we’ve destroyed. I’m sorry, on behalf of us, for everything we have done to you. Sadly, it seems as though we’re going to continue to do it. I want you to know that some of us, a good portion of us, are working towards helping you. We don’t want what you have created to go to waste. I wish I could give you reasons why we have destroyed and upset the natural balance of what you’ve created – but I can’t.

I apologise that people are so ignorant to how amazing you are. People don’t take enough time to just look up from their desk and look outside. There are so many beauteous trees with lush green leaves (sometimes other colours, too!). Lots of fields of grass and farms which grow incredible vegetables and fruits for us to eat. There are rain forests which inhabit mystical animals and habitats that we will never fully understand as humans.

The oceans, that span thousands and thousands of miles and create wonderful landscapes. Most importantly, flowers. Gorgeous fields of flowers, small flowers growing through concrete, large plants and exotic orchids. They are all so enchanting, and we’re destroying it all without a second thought. We’re so selfish.

I promise to do my best to spread the word about you. The Earth has feelings too, and we’re killing it slowly for no good reason at all. We’re selfish, ignorant, we just want to gain things for ourselves. There are tiny animals in vast habitats who are dying because of what we’re doing in our first world homes. How is that fair? How is that fair to anyone?

I love you, Earth. Thank you for everything you’ve blessed me with, everything you’ve done to create a world where people can flourish and we can leave peacefully. Even if we do take it for granted.

Chaz x

Thank you to Khadija, who inspired this certain post of this series from her blog which I found a couple of days ago. She is a wonderful person with an amazing blog, please go check her out!

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Hi! I'm Chaz. I'm the Founder of The Green Button Project, I run my own mental health blog, and I'm also a mental health volunteer with Time to Change and I also love dogs.


  1. I personally loved this post & I am looking forward for your upcoming posts. Also, thank YOU so much, my dear! Xo

  2. What a great idea! I completely agree with the sentiment as well. We have taken advantage of this planet too much, for too long. We need to make a change NOW. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ✌️🌍💕

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