Sunshine Blogger Award!

I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Paige! Thank you very much!

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to people who are positive, joyful, help others, and bring sunshine into others lives.

I’m so grateful that Paige thought of me for this award, it’s crazy that I only started my blog on the 23rd March and I’ve already started my own campaign and made a blog which I’m proud of.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog
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  1. What advice would you give to somebody who has recently started a blog?To take your time in deciding exactly which parts of the internet are best for you. I spent hours looking up different hosting domains, different ways to gain traffic, the best social media’s to use, etc. Also, to just do it! Sometimes you talk yourself out of these things too quickly and you’re left with a ‘what if’ situation.


  1. What is your favourite blog post you have written?Probably ‘You’re too emotional‘. It was one of the first blog posts I had written and I didn’t expect to write it, it was only written because I had only just experienced what I write about in the post and I felt so emotional (Ironic, huh) about it that I had to write it down. It’s now, at the time of writing this, my best performing post so far.
  2. Favourite book?I’m going to have to go with Matilda by Roald Dahl. I used to read a lot more than I do now, so any book that I read as a child is more likely to be my favourite as it gives me nostalgia. I always remember relating so much to Matilda (I’m not as smart as her though) and by the end of the book I always felt so powerful, like I could do anything I wanted.
  3. What is your earliest memory?My earliest memory of life is my granddad singing ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’ to me. He used to do it with his fingers, using two fingers as the dicky birds and making them fly away when he got to that part of the song. It must actually be a very early memory as my granddad passed away when I was very young, but I’m glad I remember it so fondly.
  4. How do you wind down at the end of a busy day?I don’t think I ever wind down…! If I do manage it, usually through a bath and speaking to my friends, and boyfriend. Anything that creates a sense of normalcy is guaranteed to wind me down, especially if I’m stressed. I also love candles.
  5. Can you cook? (If so, what is your favourite meal to make?)I can’t cook. I mean, I can, but it always turns out badly. I guess I would say my favourite meal to ‘try’ to make is anything with pasta, but then you could say that’s not really me cooking it as I just shove the pasta in a saucepan?
  6. Do you have any weird obsessions?I have a personality disorder which changes my particular obsessions by the week. So yes, I do, but I couldn’t list all of them as they tend to come and go before I’ve even managed to do anything about it. My current one is listening to VERY old music, from the 1920’s onwards. I used to absolutely hate it, but apparently now I love it. I’m also obsessed with Uno (Thanks to my boyfriend, hi Jacob.)
  7. Are you proud of your blog? (If no, how come?)I am proud of it, considering I only started it nearly 3 weeks ago I think it’s going very well. I need to start focusing on getting my traffic up though, as at the moment I’ve been so focused on my campaign that I’ve let it drop down slightly. I’d also like to start doing some more guest posts, having guests on my blog and guesting on other blogs!
  8. How do you stay organised?I use a lot of lists. Anyone that knows me well will know that my list obsession is… over the top, to say the least. Whenever I see a listing book or list paper or anything to do with writing things down in a list formation inside a store, I get so excited and immediately want to buy it. I can’t function without listing.
  9. Favourite type of chocolate?Definitely malteasers. Oh my god, they are the best. I do swap my favourite chocolate all the time, but malteasers has always been the absolute winner for me.
  10. Dogs or cats?I had a cat when I was little up until the age of about 14, who I adored. After she passed away we got our dog, Bob, who I now also adore. I love all animals, and I do find cats extremely cute (I’d love a little ginger kitten), but I am a dog person overall. I haven’t found a cat that I like as much as my childhood cat since she died, but I do get torn between loving my dog and just loving… every dog I see. Sometimes I get the urge to start my own dog sanctuary, just because I want to keep them all.

My Questions For You:

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging so far?

2. What are your views on mental health advocacy and why is it important?

3. What is your favourite thing about the town you live in?

4. Tell us all about your best friend?

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

6. What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment of your life?

7. Do you believe in true love, why/why not?

8. What crime would most likely to be caught doing?

9. What is one piece of advice you will hold onto forever?

10. Favourite day of the week and why?

11. Do you believe in the paranormal, why/why not?

I nominate:








Katie Conibear




These are all the blogs I’ve read and read (when I get spare time) and I enjoy ALL of their content!

Thank you to Paige for nominating me! It means a lot.
@ me on Twitter when you’ve completed your questions, I’d love to read them!

Chaz x



Hi! I'm Chaz. I'm the Founder of The Green Button Project, I run my own mental health blog, and I'm also a mental health volunteer with Time to Change and I also love dogs.


  1. Matilda is an excellent book & the movie was AMAZING – Miss Trunchball still scares me to this day. I love the story about your granddad, it is so cute and what a great memory to have.

    So glad you are proud of your blog, I am so impressed – it is so aesthetically pleasing. I have had mine since Sept 2017 and it still looks a hot mess! Your posts are incredible & inspiring and now you founded the TGBC!

    Please open up your own dog sanctuary; I will help and pet all the dogs!

    • I knowww! I saw it in theatre for my 18th birthday, it was beautiful.

      Your blog isn’t a hot mess shhh! Thank you very much <3
      The dog sanctuary is my next project lmao!

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